10 Most Effective 6 Pack Abs Workout Routine For Women Options!

Fitness experts say that men and women don’t need to perform different six pack exercises. The concept of obtaining ripped abdominals through an effective 6 pack abs workout is the same for men and women.

Here are the top 10 effective 6 pack abs workout routine for women options:

1. Wind sprinting – Several studies show that high intensity activities such as sprinting will increase fat burning. You will also burn more calories in less time through sprinting.

2. Aerobic interval training – Alternating between high intensity activity like running and moderate intensity activity like walking, is shown to increase metabolism for a day or two after the workout compared to normal cardio weight loss exercises.

3. Resistance interval training – This is the best 6 pack abs workout as it build lean muscle mass. According to a study, after two weeks of high intensity interval training, the subjects’ fat burning increased while exercising.

4. Circuit training – Make your workouts fun by circuit training, which is shown to burn 30% more calories when compared to regular strength or cardio workouts. So, consider circuit training and not ab cruncher machines to obtain ripped abdominals.

5. Kick boxing – Tone your arms and sculpt your abdominals through demanding exercises such as kick boxing.

6. Martial arts – Apart from learning cool fighting techniques, you will build a strong core, which is essential for belly fat burning.

7. Pilates – You can perform these ab exercises on a mat or you can also buy Pilates reformer machine, which has good customer reviews. Combine cardio workouts with Pilates to design your own 6 pack workout routine.

8. Jogging – Aerobic exercises such as jogging boost your blood circulation in your body and aid in active recovery.

9. Rowing – You can burn a lot of calories through rowing in an hour. You can build strong muscles by rowing as it is very muscle demanding.

10. Swimming – Build your endurance through swimming, which builds strong muscles and core.

Pilates exercises for abs are also great option for people who want to build strong core. Combine these Pilates with effective cardio and strength training workouts for ripped abdominals.