10 Most Effective Natural Weight Loss Herbs and Spices!

Simply using spices and herbs in place of fats and oils is a great way to help you lose weight. Many commonplace weight loss herbs and spices have no side effects and can make our food taste fantastic. Here are 10 weight loss herbs that will help you get fit while eating flavorful meals:

1. Ginseng: One of the oldest Chinese herbs for weight loss that has many other healthful properties.

2. Mustard: Leave it off the hot dog of course in order to reap the benefits of these herbs for weight loss. The seed is used in many cooking applications.

3. Dandelions: Often used as an herbal colon cleanse, this salad topper can also keep you feeling fuller longer. Dandelions are also a natural diuretic.

4. Cinnamon: Regulates insulin and boosts metabolism making this a must have on a list of weight loss herbs. A tasty treat that can even be brewed in coffee.

5. Cayenne pepper: Suppresses the appetite to make it a formidable contender on the list of weight loss herbs.

6. Black Pepper: Improves digestion and also helps fat burn faster. Skip the salt and go for just pepper! Black pepper is an extremely versatile spice and can replace many things you use everyday.

7. Turmeric: Regulates metabolism and helps demolish fat, this bright orange spice can liven up any dish.

8. Cardamom: Low in saturated fat and a natural metabolism booster, this spice will “spice” up your dishes and your get up and go.

9. Ginger: A spice in sweets that can help lose weight? What a miracle! This sweet treat can aid digestion and help you combat cravings with its appetite suppressing properties.

10. Cumin: Boosts the immune system and gives you energy. A spice that is perfect in chili but shines in many other dishes.

Weight loss herbs are fantastic because they help us to use different flavors besides butter and other fats in our cooking. By substituting everything from chia seeds weight loss tidbits in our puddings to black pepper in place of salt, using spices and herbs to combat our ever growing waistlines is a safe and healthy way to unconsciously cut down the pounds.