10 New Ways To Speed Up Metabolism For Women

Fasting weight loss programs are gaining increasing popularity as solutions to quick and simple weight loss. But, there are many easy ways to speed up metabolism to shed the pounds quickly.

Here are the 10 new ways to speed up metabolism for women:

1. Laughing – Research studies show that laughing increases metabolism slightly.

2. Stretching – Once every hour, it is important to stretch lightly to boost blood circulation. Healthy blood circulation can increase metabolism.

3. Eating Sauerkraut – Cultured cabbage provide healthy pro-biotic bacteria. It improves digestion, increase food absorption and increase metabolism.

4. Chromium – This essential mineral is very important for sugar and fat burning in the body as it works with the mitochondria (the energy power house of the cell). Consider supplementing your diet with chromium metabolism booster pills to increase your metabolism.

5. Drinking cool water – Body spends calories in heating up the cold water to body temperature. Hence, increase your metabolism temporarily by drinking cold water a few times in a day.

6. Load up on millet – This grain is rich in calcium, an essential mineral that is important for proper food absorption and healthy metabolism. Hence, grains like millet are natural metabolism boosters.

7. Detoxification – Detoxify your body of harmful fat causing toxins and increase your metabolism. Detoxification is one of the effective ways to speed up metabolism.

8. Belly dancing – This dance technique builds a rock solid core, which is important for increased metabolism.

9. Eat sea weed – Algae like spirulina, are high in metabolism boosting B-vitamins, including vitamin B12. Hence, eating sea weed is one of the ways to speed up metabolism.

10. Fiber – Suppress appetite by eating more fiber, which also reduces cholesterol simultaneously increases your energy production.

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