10 Things to Avoid On Glycemic Index Weight Loss Programs

Several studies are supporting the effectiveness of a low glycemic index weight loss diets on weight loss and in controlling several health conditions such as diabetes and heart problems.

Here are the 10 things to avoid on glycemic index weight loss programs:

1. Sedentary lifestyle – Weight loss diets can be helpful only when physical activity is added into the equation. Counting calories to lose weight becomes important if you are not active.

2. Severe calorie restriction – By using a BMI calculator male or female version, one can find the calories required per day, to weigh the same. According to experts, a restriction of 500 calories is considered safe. Severe restriction of calories can lead to many health problems.

3. Artificial sweeteners – These should be avoided. Recent studies are showing that body recognizes artificial sweeteners and respond by producing food cravings.

4. White carbs – Rice, flour and bread should be avoided at all cost as they have high glycemic index. Have white vegetables like cauliflower instead.

5. Processed food – Junk or processed food is high in artificial ingredients and sugars that can spike up your blood sugar levels and hence these should be avoided.

6. Large meals – At large meals, the calories consumed are often high, which can lead to fat deposition. Have smaller meals through out the day as it is one of the ways to speed up metabolism and make your glycemic index weight loss diet more effective.

7. Neglecting fruits – Watermelon has high glycemic index compared to other fruits. But, less portions of the melon have moderate GI effect on the body. By neglecting fruits, you are saying no to nutrition.

8. Too much protein – Foods that are rich in protein have low glycemic index. Remember not to go overboard as too much protein can strain your kidneys.

9. Energy drinks – Many companies don’t mention GI of their products. Experts advice against drinking energy drinks as they can have artificial sugars and sweeteners.

10. Binge eating at night – Many people severely restrict carbohydrates on GI weight loss programs and binge eat at night, which is counter productive.