10 Tips To Stop Binge Eating At Night

Experts say that healthy weight loss programs can help you stop binge eating at night. If you do have cravings, you should consider following the tips outlined below to avoid late night snacking.

Below are the 10 tips to stop binge eating at night:

1. Breathing exercises – These can help you relax and induce sleep. When you are relaxed, you will be able to make better choices.

2. Water – Sometimes thirst can be misinterpreted as hunger. Drinking a couple of glasses of water can curb the feeling of hunger.

3. Company – When you are stressed, it is best to seek company. When you are not alone, you probably won’t feel the need to eat.

4. Meditation – If you are alone and you have the urge to binge, go outside for a few minutes, clear your mind and distract yourself with outside things.

5. Sleep early – Some people have night eating syndrome. These people feel the need to binge eat at a particular time at night. It is better to sleep before that time.

6. Distraction – Work on your favorite hobby for sometime to stop binge eating at night as boredom often leads to late night snacking

7. Proper diet – Starving yourself during the day is a bad idea if you want to avoid feeling hungry at night. Have 3 meals and snacks in between.

8. No junk food – If you don’t have junk food at your house, you are bound to eat healthy and have the time to think. Stick to low glycemic index weight loss diet and buy groceries accordingly.

9. Brushing – Toothpaste has ingredients that make sugar taste bad. Hence, brush your teeth if you want to stop binge eating before bedtime.

10. Goals – Remembering your goals can give you a surge of motivation to stop binge eating at night.

Also, consider following a good weight loss plan if you are deciding to quit smoking. Quitting smoking and weight gain and related because cigarettes activate your metabolism and burn calories. When you stop smoking, you may pack on few pounds if you are not careful.