10 Tricks To Suppress Appetite Naturally

Many weight loss programs advocate the use of appetite suppressants to suppress appetite for faster weight loss. Most of these appetite suppressing products have unpleasant side effects. Fortunately, there are many natural ways of suppressing appetite.

Here are the 10 tricks to suppress appetite naturally:

1. Smelling peppermint – Researchers are finding out that smells of certain ingredients such as peppermint, signal the brain that the body already received food. The result will be reduced appetite.

2. Chewing very slowly – As you chew slowly, the food stays longer in the mouth. This trick will send a signal that you are receiving ample nutrition and that more food is not needed. This will also suppress appetite naturally.

3. Eating handful of nuts – When you are hungry, you should not put too much effort into starving yourself. Healthy snacks like nuts are rich in fats, fiber and protein. Eating a handful of nuts can suppress your appetite.

4. Drinking water – Sometimes, hunger can be in reality thirst. Nevertheless, drinking a couple of glasses water can curb appetite.

5. Exercising more – Research shows that high intensity workouts can suppress appetite for a few hours after.

6. Eating more fruits and vegetables at a meal – Food cravings and what they mean sometimes is that your body is deficient in nutrients. The soluble fiber and ample nutrition in fruits and vegetables, can suppress your appetite.

7. Sipping Green Tea – According to a study, people felt fuller and reported suppressed appetite when they sipped green tea with their meals when compared to people who sipped water.

8. Eating more protein – Protein takes longer to digest and hence can keep you full longer. Have high protein snacks multiple times in a day to suppress appetite.

9. Having cinnamon with your meals – The spice is shown to affectively regulate blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity.

10. Eating soy beans – Studies show that certain compounds in soy beans have appetite suppressing qualities.

For people who have compulsive eating problem, there are comprehensive programs available that can help them deal it effectively.