5 Best Natural Laxatives For Women For Weight Loss

It is extremely important to understand that using laxatives to lose weight is dangerous. Laxatives, both medicinal and natural, are made to keep the body regular. However, it is substantially easier to lose weight with a properly functioning digestive system, so if you are having problems on the back end, be sure to try the top 5 natural laxatives for women. Remember, their purpose is to regulate your body processes. Natural products such as natural water pills and even everyday foods can be used to keep the body functioning as it should be, making your weight loss efforts easier. Here are our Top 5 natural laxatives for women:

1. Prunes: Long known for their natural laxative properties, prunes also contain beneficial bacteria that can prove useful in a colon cleanse diet as well as helping you meet your weight loss goals, no list of natural laxatives for women would be complete without them.

2. Raw Fruits: Raw fruits are packed with fiber promoting easier digestion. Bananas, apples, melons and berries will all give your colon a kickstart and provide you with healthy nutrients along the way. Fresh, raw fruit is one of the best natural laxatives for women, and is part of a healthy diet, so it’s win win.

3. Aloe Vera Juice: A quick acting and natural laxative, prune juice provides other healthful benefits besides a squeaky clean colon.

4. Beans: Low in fat and cholesterol, beans are a great addition to any diet. Full of protein, low in fat, and a big help to the digestive system, beans act as a natural laxative along with providing nutrients your body needs.

5. Water: Without it, your bowels can’t function properly. It’s extremely important to remember that water is the most readily available and easiest to take laxative available. Plain old water keeps the colon moist and functioning properly making H2o one of the best available natural laxatives for women.

You might be surprised that fruits, veggies, beans and other everyday foods are considered some of the best natural laxatives available. Consider their added benefits to your diet given their wonderful nutrient content. If you’re looking for an all natural diuretic, consider dandelion tea benefits; An all natural way to remove excess water in a great tasting tea.

Remember, abusing laxatives is not safe. It can cause permanent and irreversible damage to your body. However, taking a natural course by supplementing your diet with foods and drinks that promote good digestive health will not only help you lose weight, but also increase your overall feelings of wellness. The best natural laxatives for women are the ones that grow on trees and from the soil.