7 Benefits of Metamucil Weight Loss Solution

Metamucil is a popular fiber supplement available on the market. Aptly known as the leading fiber supplement, Metamucil is one of many fiber supplements for losing weight. Many people trying to lose weight turn to Metamucil as it is safe and tastes great. It is available in many different varieties such as capsules, singles that can be poured into a glass of juice or water, powder, wafers and in clear form. Some may find taking laxatives for weight loss to be a safer alternative than surgery.

Metamucil weight loss effect is accomplished by the supplement increasing the bulk of the stool and making it softer and easier to pass. The main ingredients in Metamucil supplements is psyllium, source of soluble and insoluble fiber, which are both very important for healthy digestion. There are some essential benefits to the Metamucil weight loss solution.

Here are a few:

1. Promotes Digestive Health. Taking Metamucil weight loss supplements accomplishes many goals, including establishing stool regularity, making stools softer and eliminating unpleasant symptoms of bloating and gas. Since 75% of the immunity lies in the digestive tract, this fiber supplement can greatly enhance an overall well-being.

2. Lowers Cholesterol. High levels of bad cholesterol LDL is a common problem in the United States and virtually all over the world. Like all fiber containing foods and supplements, Metamucil can lower levels of LDL cholesterol in blood by interfering with partial bile re-absorption in the intestines. Research has shown that even adding 5-10 grams of fiber daily can decrease bad cholesterol by as much as 5%.

3. Lowers Blood Sugar. Metamucil soluble and insoluble fibers work by slowing down the release of glucose from foods into the blood stream. This wards off sudden blood sugar spikes and keeps appetite and moods under control. The studies show that this works only if Metamucil supplements are taken immediately prior to food intake.

4. Can Contribute to Weight Loss. Mild laxative effect in the Metamucil weight loss supplements can contribute to natural weight loss if combined with a low calorie diet and exercise. By gently stimulating the digestive tract, it allows absorption of less calories, sugars and fats from the foods. However, Metamucil like all laxative aids could be habit forming, therefore should be used only occasionally as needed.

5. Eases Symptoms of IBS. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a serious condition that affects almost 60 million of Americans. This condition causes a plethora of digestive symptoms and can also affect the nervous system. Some doctors recommend their patients to incorporate Metamucil weight loss supplements to introduce more fiber in their diets. Two types of fiber in the supplements can address many IBS symptoms of bloating, gas, diarrhea and bring much needed relief.

6. Can Lower Blood Pressure. Who would have thought that a fiber supplement can have impact on the blood pressure? Royal Perth Hospital in Australia published their study in 2011 reporting that patients who were on a psyllium husk supplements saw improvement in the hypertension problem. This was explained by a similar effect that the fiber has on glycemic and cholesterol levels.

7. Convenient to Take. Metamucil weight loss solutions are very easy to take since these can be added in your favorite drinks or foods. For those who want no added flavor to their foods, there is a new option to choose on the market Metamucil Simply Clear that has no odor or taste becoming untraceable in foods.

Metamucil weight loss is very similar to CoQ10 weight loss with the exception that CoQ10 is naturally produced in the body. Fiber supplements for weight loss such as Metamucil aid by enhancing the colon emptying process. Metamucil efficiently rids the body of toxins and promotes a sufficient healthy lifestyle. The Metamucil weight loss solution integrates fiber into the diet. Other fiber supplements do not have the same benefits that Metamucil does. The National Fiber Council states that fiber plays a significant role in keeping the body free of radicals that happen to reside within. Fiber essentially slows the absorption of sugar, fats and calories in the body. Lecithin weight loss assists in terminating fat multiplication by emulsification. This makes it an invaluable comrade to the Metamucil weight loss solution and advocates of taking laxatives to lose weight.