7 Interesting Facts About Non Invasive Liposuction

Fat removal without surgery is now possible with many non invasive liposuction technologies and procedures. These procedures makes use light, ultrasound energy or medications to reduce fat depositions in the targeted area.

Here are the 7 interesting facts about non invasive liposuction procedures:

1. Some popular non invasive procedures such as Smart Lipo laser body sculpting still are invasive as they require the insertion of cannula (tube) for suctioning out the fat cells.

2. Other non invasive weight loss procedures such as Zerona treatment and ultrasound cavitation use laser light and ultra sound to melt the fat deposits inside the fat cells without affecting them and disrupt fat cells’ membrane for the melted deposits to be released. These deposits will be eliminated naturally by the body’s lymphatic system.

3. Through some procedures you can massage your way to a sculpted body by reducing cellulite and fat with some non invasive liposuction technologies such as VelaShape.

4. Spot reduction is now possible through LipoDissolve technology, which makes use of fat burning injections to melt the unwanted fat in problem areas.

5. If you don’t want use heat for fat reduction, you can now eliminate your fat cells through controlled cooling with FD approved technologies such as Zeltiq.

6. Many procedures don’t work on obesity. Smart Lipo requires you to be within 25lbs of your targeted body weight. Most procedures also require you to be relatively healthy by following a good diet and an exercise plan, to be considered an ideal candidate.

7. The more non invasive a procedure is, the lower its price can be when compared to the other non invasive liposuction treatment options. For example Smart Lipo cost seems to be higher compared to that of other producers.

If you are looking for quick temporary weight loss, you should consider liposuction alternatives such as body wrapping, which detoxifies the body off toxins through metabolic stimulation. A massage therapist can also make your experience relaxing and well worth it.