7 Shocking Fastin Side Effects Women Should Know About!

While fastin diet pills are coveted by many who are looking to shed vanity pounds, the medication is reserved as a prescription medication for severely overweight and obese people. Fastin and adipex side effects are similar, along with many other variants containing Phentermine. Fastin side effects include many common to stimulants, but has some that might surprise you. Here are 7 shocking fastin side effects you might not know about, and some are exclusive to the fairer sex:

1. Decreased Libido: What to do with that svelte new figure if you’re not in the mood? Relax, these medications are used short term, usually for less than 12 weeks, you’ll be back in the sack in no time.

2. Hair Loss: Some women have reported hair loss. However, this is still an unsubstantiated claim. If you start freakishly clogging your tub drain, it’s best to have a word with your doc.

3. Menstrual Changes: Most women have menstrual changes throughout their lives, but some have reported them as one of the fastin side effects.

4. Incapacitating headaches: These would be much more than the side splitter you get from a bothersome neighbor. Some women have reported excruciating headaches while on this medication.

5. Increased Dreaming: Odd but not horrible, some women expressed that they dreamed more frequently while on the medication.

6. Serious and sometimes fatal heart or lung problems: fastin side effects are usually mild, but can include some scary ones as well.

7. Hallucinations / Euphoria / Dysphoria: Some people have reported mind bending effects while taking this medication.

Well, if you’re wondering does fastin work, the answer is usually yes. People have had good success with this medication. Success however does not equal lack of risk, and this, like any medication has its list of side effects. Talk to your doctor about whether or not this product is right for you. If you decide to go with over the counter products or natural diet pills, make sure you speak to your health care provider. He or she will help you develop the best diet and exercise plan to go along with whatever supplement, vitamin or medication you choose.