7 Shocking Gastric Bypass Surgery Complications

Popular bariatric surgical procedures such as gastric bypass, is often prescribed as morbid obesity treatment. Experts can advice to keep this surgery procedure as the last resort option as there many gastric bypass surgery complications.

Even after the surgery, patients are advised to follow medical weight loss programs under a physician’s supervision. These programs involve behavioral therapy, support groups, psychiatric help and medications.

Here are the 7 shocking gastric bypass surgery complications:

1. Death can be a complication. What is shocking is that this complication is not that rare. According to recent studies conducted by University of Washington, 1 in every 50 people die within the month of the surgery. That number increases five fold if the surgeon is inexperienced.

2. Dumping syndrome is one of the gastric bypass surgery complications. If you eat more sugars or starches than recommended, you could experience symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, rapid heart beat and flushing. Although these symptoms can go away after 45 minutes or so, could you imagine experiencing these every time you have meal high in starches?

3. Although rare, you may end up with arm or leg amputations due to severe blood clotting disorders as a result of gastric bypass surgery complications.

4. More gastric bypass revision surgeries might be required for correcting the complications of the first surgery.

5. Insufficient weight loss and weight regain are gastric bypass surgery complications. This means that the surgery alone will not ensure weight loss in the long term and several revision surgeries might be required.

6. Unexplained weight gain can be a complication. This can happen due to taking certain medications. Tumors and several underlying health conditions can also be the causes.

7. Even after the surgery is declared no risk, there is still high chances of injections, clots, ulcers that require more surgeries to correct them or sometimes they even lead to death.

Although there are complications, the surgery can reduce diabetes and high blood pressure. Gastric bypass diabetes treatment can improve the quality of life once the weight comes off.