Ab Cruncher As Seen On TV – Does It Work?

Ab cruncher machines available on the market claim to reduce belly fat. They are advertised heavily as fat burning miracles, but do ab workout machines work?

The basic fact is that doing crunches alone will not ensure ripped abdominals or flat belly. Ab cruncher machine can be a good option for people who have no time to do exercise, go the gym or people with back problems who are unable to perform floor crunches. These machines are not always for serious athletes looking for an effective 6 pack abs workout.

Ab cruncher machines have both positive and negative reviews. Many people have a problem with quality of the equipment, some complaining that the machines aren’t convenient to use. Some people report no extra weight loss from these machines compared to floor crunches.

Giant Ab cruncher machine seems to be one of the best ab machines on the market today. Many report satisfactory results, some reviewing its quality close to gym equipment. It is comfortable to use and effective. Bare in mind that this machine is big and takes space in your house.

Another popular ab cruncher machine as seen on TV is ab twister pro. This machine has mixed reviews as well. Many people find it difficult to us. Most common complaint is about the quality of its parts. People who are tall often find this machine difficult to adjust to their convenience. This machine can be a good option for people who are looking for some kind of exercise to burn calories.

If you want to obtain ripped abdominals or flat belly, you should consider performing fat burning full body weight loss exercises such as squats, pushups and lunges. A combination of these exercises will boost your body’s metabolism and fat burning.