Ab Twister Pro As Seen On TV – Pros And Cons!

These days, many ab machines and belts are advertised as miracles for toning and spot reduction. One of the popular ab machines advertised is ab twister pro. Depending on the necessity of consumer, this machine can be a good or a poor addition to an abs workout routine.

Pros of ab twister pro:

1. If you have no time to go the gym or involve yourself in any form of exercise, you may find this machine useful as it will burn calories.

2. You can exercise on it at the comfort of your own home, watching TV or listening to music.

3. People with back problems, who are unable to do love handle exercises on the floor, can use this machine to work their oblique muscles.

4. Many people review ab twister pro as convenient to use and easy to handle.

5. The machine comes with a warranty of 60 days and satisfaction guarantee period of 60 days. It also comes with a diet plan and instruction manual.


1. People who are tall often complain that the machine is difficult to adjust and use. One common complaint is about the quality of the parts.

2. Despite the advertisements, many people report little to no weight loss or spot reduction from the machine when compared to other weight loss exercises such as walking.

3. There are also no third party clinical studies that support the machine’s claims to burn fat and spot reduce.

4. Although you can work your abdominals with the machine, ab twister pro may not be a useful machine for people looking for effective stomach fat burning exercises.

Experts advice to perform full body exercises such as squats and pushups to increase your metabolism and stomach fat burning. Pilates are also great stomach exercises for women at home.