Abs Workout Routine Men Recommend To Get A Six-Pack!

Many people target the abs alone by performing ab crunches, cycles and twists and as part of their abs workout routine to get a six-pack. Fitness experts say isolated ab exercises alone will not ensure your six-pack. They should be paired with effective weight training and high intensity cardio workouts.

An effective abs workout routine targets both types of fat. Aerobic cardio such as running and cycling can burn calories, maintain heart health and boost blood and lymph circulation in the body. Exercise improves your insulin sensitivity and boosts your metabolism by reducing visceral fat, which is the dangerous internal fat that surrounds the internal organs. But, traditional cardio will not build lean muscle mass that is needed for boosting long term fat burning.

According fitness experts, the best abs workout routine is high intensity resistance training. A combination of high intensity cardio and resistance training workouts, not only builds lean muscle mass, but also reduces subcutaneous fat, which is the superficial fat that is right beneath your skin, covering your ab muscles. You need to increase your body’s natural metabolism by building muscle to reduce this superficial fat and to obtain a lean body look with a popping six pack abs.

Resistance training circuit style 6 pack abs workouts consisting of multi-joint exercises such as squats, pushups and lunges are the best workouts to get a lean body fast. You can perform these exercises on alternative days as it is important to give your body time to recover properly form your intense workouts. On the rest days, consider working lightly to keep the momentum going and to increase blood circulation for faster recovery.

You can perform full body weight loss exercises with your body weight or other free weights such as dumbbells and kettle bells. Multi-joint exercises like squats will boost your metabolism by increasing your blood circulation and building muscle. Hence these exercises should be a part of an effective abs workout routine.