Adipex Side Effects in Women – Menstrual Problems, Headache and Hair Loss?

Adipex is an appetite suppressant normally prescribed for people who are seriously overweight who need to shed lots of pounds to get healthy and avoid other issues and health problems associated with being overweight and obesity. It is manufactured under many other names, including Fastin Diet Pills. If you have been prescribed this medication, it is because your doctor believes the benefits of it to outweigh the Adipex side effects.

While both men and women will likely experience some Adipex side effects, mostly mild, from taking these prescription appetite supressants, women have been reported, although not conclusively and without supporting studies, to experience some effects that are not found in the manlier crowd. Some women have reported that Adipex weight loss pills have caused hair loss. While this is not a common side effect, and could possibly be associated with other changes in the body, some users have reported a thinning head of hair. Additionally, irregular menstrual cycles have been reported. This is common when the body is going through periods of change, such as when starting a new diet, during periods of weight loss, or emotional or physical stress on the body. So again, it is not known if this is one of the Adipex side effects you are likely to encounter.

Some of the more common Adipex side effects likely encountered by both sexes are jitters and sleeplessness, common occurrences with stimulants. Adipex ingredients are regulated by the FDA therefore, unlike many online bargain diet supplements; you are likely to encounter less nasty effects taking these products. While it’s true that you may experience side effects while taking this medication, it’s important to remember that most supplements are regulated differently than medications and therefore you are taking a larger risk by purchasing supplements that are not manufactured and sold in the United States. Do your research about adipex vs phentermine containing products from abroad; you might be surprised by the results.

If you are prescribed this medication, then you already have the most powerful ally you could have on your side – a physician. Your doctor will help you not only monitor your side effects while on your medication, but also work with you to develop the all critical diet and exercise plan you are going to need to be successful.