Atkins Protein Bars Ingredients Could Make You Sick!

The Atkins diet has experienced highs and lows in regards popularity over the years since its inception; however it’s under increased scrutiny lately, most likely due to the organic craze that is sweeping the country. However, Atkins remains a solid choice for dieters who are able to adapt to a low carb and typically high protein diet, not just because of their meal and snack options, but because of their support structure, an extremely crucial component of diet success. The success could also be related to the fact that even though food choices are limited, calories are not, eliminating frustrating counting, terrible low calorie snacks, and the agony of going hungry . Atkins protein bars were developed as a snack in between meals that come in a slew of flavors for even the most discerning of tastes. While not necessarily low calorie snacks, atkins bars curb hunger and provide powerful protein along with many essential vitamins and nutrients. However, there are many things to consider with both the purported side effects of a low carb diet, along with some interesting facts about Atkins protein bars you might not be aware of.

When we think of side effects, we often think of medications. However, diets can have them as well. Atkins diet side effects differ little overall from diets involving other drastic dietary changes, but some of the most commonly reported are diarrhea, headache and bad breath. When it comes to Atkins protein bars, however, there are often overlooked ingredients that send the organic crowd to the streets with picket signs. One of such ingredients is sulfites, a compound that occurs naturally but is often used as a preservative. The fact is that until recently, sulfites were common in even fresh foods, however in 1986, the FDA said “no more” and sulfites were forever banned from fresh fruits and vegetables. They can still be found in some processed foods however, and Atkins protein bars are no exception. What’s wrong with sulfites? Nothing, unless you’re one of the estimated one in one hundred people who happens to have a sulfite sensitivity. Sulfite sensitivity can creep up at any age and at any time, so even if you have never had it, you might just end up with it. Luckily you won’t have to wait long to find out if you have a sulfite sensitivity because symptoms will start within an hour or so of munching on your bar. You might have the itchies or a runny nose, or other common allergy symptoms.

Another ingredient that is of concern is sucralose, a chemical derivative of sugar which, according to Dr. Mercola, may be toxic, is not metabolized by our body, and can also potentially cause many health risks, such as the reduction of red blood cells and when taken in larger doses, even enlargement of various organs like kidneys, liver, and colon! And let’s face it, sugar or any sugar derivative sounds too counterproductive when you try to lose weight with a low carb diet such as the Atkins diet! Finally, many Atkins bars contain soy, milk and wheat, which are allergenic for many people.4`e

Remember to discuss any diet you are considering with your health care provider before you embark on your weight loss journey. He or she will want to discuss with you the ramifications of a modified or restricted diet and make sure you are healthy enough for such an undertaking.