Best Bariatric Clinic – Top 10 In The US!

If you are interested finding the physician supervised programs, you should consider finding a top bariatric clinic to get the best results.

To help you choose the best bariatric clinic, here are the top 10 in the US:

1. UT Southwestern Medical Center ranks among the top centers for obesity research. It offers the most comprehensive approach to weight loss and obesity. It also offers one the best surgical gastric bypass Dallas procedures.

2. Mayo Clinic Obesity Center is located in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota. This is another top ranked center for obesity research, according to Science Watch.

3. Duke Diet and Fitness Center in North Carolina is one of the top clinics in the world. It offers great in-patient and outpatient medical weight loss programs.

4. Cleveland Clinic in Ohio is an excellent bariatric clinic that offers new and innovative bariatric surgical options such as gastric plication surgery.

5. Brookhaven Rehabilitation and Health Care Center in New York

6. Numerous Center for Integrative Pediatric Obesity Care is one of the top clinics that is researching in childhood obesity. The children receive proper care and supervision.

7. Bringham and Women’s Hospital is Harvard-affiliated and is ranked 6th among the top universities and centers in obesity clinics.

8. Obesity Treatment Centers of New Jersey has great testimonials. Some of the top doctors are a part of these centers.

9. Milton S. Hershey Medical Center doctors are considered to be some of the best doctors in the world. Choose this bariatric clinic and obtain top physician care.

10. Weight clinics in Houston offer cutting edge methods for permanent weight loss. They also offer quick weight loss programs such as HCG diet. They pride themselves on being ahead of other clinics in being up to date with the medical advancement in weight loss.

Consider long term weight maintenance and don’t fall for quick weight loss claims and scams that require no exercise as quick weight loss center cost can be high and the weight is often gained back once normal eating is resumed.