Best Herbal Laxatives Tea Options For Weight Loss

Many people still think that laxatives both herbal laxatives and the pill form, can help with weight loss. This is a common misconception considering that calories are absorbed well before what’s headed out reaches the back door. However, it is easier to lose weight when your digestive system is functioning normally, so here are the best herbal laxative tea options for weight loss via digestive system regulation.

Constipation can make you feel sluggish, and not in the mood for exercise. Many people turn to senna tea weight loss products to shed extra pounds, but it actually acts as one of the great herbal laxatives. Remember to use in moderation however, because even this all natural product can cause stomach irritation and discomfort.

Rhubarb root has also been made into a weight loss tea under the presumption that cleansing the bowels aids in weight loss. This is another common misconception. Rhubarb tea is in fact a natural laxative, but it will do little to shed those holiday pounds. It will however provide you with one of the best herbal laxatives available, making constipation less of a burden which is especially useful if you have made dietary changes to limit calories.

Aloe has been used for centuries, and teas made from these herbal laxatives will certainly stimulate your colon to do its job. It acts as a natural plumber, keeping your body regular and functioning normally. If you’re looking for a natural diuretic, seek out dandelion tea for its water removing properties, but be careful because water is in itself a natural laxative, and you don’t want to create one problem by solving another.

If you have chronic constipation, the best person to speak to is your doctor. However, if you are looking for occasional relief associated with a healthy diet and exercise plan, herbal laxatives can be a great alternative to harsh medications. Remember that laxative abuse will do little to help you shed pounds, and could cause hazardous effects on the body, therefore all laxative use should be used strictly for its intended purpose, which can certainly benefit weight loss if your new diet plan is leaving you feeling a little, um, clogged.