Best Meal Replacement Shakes For Men – Top 5 Choices!

The best meal replacement shakes that can be found at nutrition stores and supermarket shelves are usually the ones targeted towards women. However, there are also some great slim fast shakes for men to help them lose and maintain weight without sacrificing any essential vitamins, minerals or nutrients. Here are the top 5 meal replacement shakes for men to date:

1. UltraMet Champion Nutrition: This new dietary supplement isn’t just delicious, it is easy to make, too. The powder is basically filled with top quality protein and essential nutrients that can scientifically take the place of a traditional meal in mere seconds. This would therefore be the best protein shake for men who are always busy or don’t always get to use the kitchen. The best part is that fueling up with these shakes can help you minimize your overall intake of greasy food, too.

2. GNC Total Lean Shake: Another one of the best meal replacement shakes out there would be the GNC Total Lean Shake, which is full of well-balanced ratios of top quality protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. It is proven to be effective in terms of weight loss, too, and can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, healthy metabolism levels, and lean muscle mass. When taken with a proper diet and while following a good exercise plan, this oat-based shake can even help you reach your overall weight loss goals. How great is that?

3. Myoplex Low Carb: Another candidate for the best meal replacement shakes for men is Myoplex Low Carb, which you can drink in-between meals or as an actual meal. These shakes are actually great at eliminating hunger cravings, but would still be best taken along with healthy vegetables or fruits. Since the ratio of proteins to carbs is quite high, this would be the best choice for men who want to cut down on their overall carb intake.

4. Full Strength Premium Nutrition Shake: This is much more than just the best whey protein shake out there. According to the manufacturer, not only is it more effective at slashing fat, adding energy and building muscle than a slew of performance supplements combined; it also has the best nutrition levels compared to other weight loss shakes that work.

5. Nutrabolics Fighter’s Food: The last one on our list of the best meal replacement shakes and is highly sought after by athletes in combat sports due to its high nutrition levels. Since it has top quality protein blends in it, as well as various other growth factors, it can also supposedly speed up a person’s recovery when taken. It also has great fruit and berry extracts, as well as fiber blends that provide top quality nutritional value to those who take it.

Finally, remember that no meal replacement shakes are ever as healthy as an actual meal, even if they are loaded with vitamins. Check out our lists of natural fat burning foods for men that you should be incorporating into your daily dietary regime, as well as the the top 10 fat burning vitamins and minerals you will need to supply your body with on a daily basis, whether in a form of real foods or vitamin supplements, in order to stay healthy.