Body Wrapping For Weight Loss – Effective Or Not?

These days, many people are using body wrapping as an alternative to liposuction as it is painless, very cost effective and has no side effects.

Body wrapping supposedly detoxifies the body of harmful toxins through metabolism stimulation, compresses the fat cells by drawing out water, thus reducing water retention improving cellulite invisibility and providing slimmer and a toned look. Weight loss procedures such as wrapping can be done in an esthetician’s office or a spa.

Body wrapping usually get mixed reviews from people depending on their experiences and weight loss expectations. Many people find the treatment worth trying for the amount they paid. People who went into the treatment for relaxing and who had a more realistic weight loss goal reviewed this treatment positively, reporting that they did see some improvement. Some people however review the treatment as not worth trying as they could not see any visual improvement from an inch loss body wrap that they used. Many people advice to get the treatment done in a spa from a massage therapist as he/ she will incorporate massage techniques while applying the certain types of wraps such as sea weed, clay or mud wraps.

Though body wrapping is marketed as a weight loss treatment, it is important to keep in mind that without proper diet and exercise, you may not see great results from the treatment. The treatment can be a great option for people who are looking for a relaxing and cost effective way for quick temporary weight loss from their problem areas such as the abdomen without having to worry about surgical mini tummy tuck cost or complications.

There are also many home body wraps for weight loss. Be sure to pay attention to the company and its customer reviews to avoid unpleasant side effects such as skin rashes and infections as it found that many companies are selling low quality contaminated body wrap products.