Can Dietary Fiber Supplements Help Overweight Kids Lose Weight?

Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States, and it’s not a wonder. Highly processed, high fat, high sugar foods are all around, and children have many new technological reasons to stay indoors instead of being outside active. However, dietary fiber supplements are not the answers to your pudgy adolescent’s woes. In fact, laxative abuse is never safe, and doesn’t promote weight loss, just permanent damage to the digestive tract.

Now don’t be alarmed. Giving your kids dietary fiber supplements is fine if it’s because they just don’t get enough fiber. Most kids don’t unless you are one of the lucky parents whose 10 year old enjoys whole wheat bread with their grilled cheeses. If you don’t want to give them dietary fiber supplements, you can opt instead for bars or fresh high fiber snacks such as cut up vegetables.

Now it’s likely that your little one, if they are deficient in fiber, will greatly enjoy psyllium husk benefits if they are having trouble at bathroom time. Constipation is just as painful and uncomfortable in children as it is in adults, and high fiber supplements or products designed to relieve constipation are ideal in these cases to restore natural order to your child’s digestive system. Choosing the right product in the case of Benefiber vs. Metamucil, will depend on your child’s specific needs and how tolerant they are of powdered laxatives.
It simply cannot be stressed enough that dietary fiber supplements are not appropriate for weight loss in children or at any age. The products work on the large intestine, and all the calories and nutrients that you think are going to be washed away in the porcelain god were long absorbed by your child’s body in the small intestine long before they reach the part of the food tube that laxatives and dietary fiber supplements affect.

If your child is battling a weight problem, the easiest way to remedy it is with diet and exercise change. Encouraging healthy eating and physical activity habits in your child will benefit them now and all through life. It’s also important to have your child see their health care provider. He or she will work with you to ensure that your child is on the right track to meeting their healthy weight goals.