Daily Calorie Intake for Men to Gain Healthy Weight and Muscle

Daily calorie intake for men is different than that of women since males require more protein and calories to be able to build lean muscle. An average man should consume 1 gram of protein daily per each pound of weight, so a 175 pound male would need to eat at least 175 grams of protein from chicken, turkey, cottage cheese, eggs, yogurt, milk, nuts and protein shakes to keep gaining muscle and losing fat. In order to calculate a starting point of daily calorie intake for men for a 175 pound male, it has been estimated that 20 calories should be consumed by each pound of weight, totaling 3,500 daily calorie intake for men. Out of these calories, fat consumption should be kept at a 25% caloric value. Opt for healthy fats like peanut butter, olive oil, Omega-3 containing fish oil, flax seed or coconut oil. High quality starches sourced from non-refined ingredients are also important since they help fuel the body to withstand workouts and build endurance.

The second most important factor besides calorie requirements is how to consume them; bodybuilders recommend breaking down daily calorie intake for men into 6-7 meals throughout the day including snacks. To build muscle and lose weight, you might be surprised that you need to eat a lot frequently. Avoid skipping meals since it will keep your metabolism from working at its highest potential. Frequent high quality protein meals and snacks spaced efficiently throughout the day will keep the metabolism fire burning and converting fat masses into lean muscle weight.

Timing of the daily calorie intake for men is also equally important to keep the fat loss and muscle gain at the peak. The morning meal will set a foundation for a perfect muscle gain day by consuming a complex carb and protein rich breakfast like oatmeal with 2 boiled eggs, for example. Never training on an empty stomach is essential since you will be contributing to muscle break down, not gain. Before a workout, consuming a combination of protein and slow burn carbohydrates will ensure energy and building blocks for your muscles. Immediately after a workout, many body builders recommend consuming carbs to raise insulin levels and cease muscle breakdown like a peanut butter sandwich or a banana. Consuming 30-40 grams of protein within an hour of a workout is the highlight of a workout well done. Failing to do so will lead to losing muscle mass and not the opposite.

If you are venturing out to restaurants like fast-food places or dine-ins, you will find they have restaurant calorie counters, which give in detail the nutrient laden information so you know how many calories to ingest. It may be hard to stick to your calorie intake to lose weight schedule, but opting for lean protein choices with vegetables and complex starches like brown rice or quinoa will help attain your goals faster.

Workout regimen is ultimately important for adult and teenage weight loss plan. If you need to lose weight, incorporate some high impact cardio 2-3 times daily mixed up with daily weight training sessions. Working out more does not necessarily mean it is better for your muscle gain. On the contrary, it may lead to excessive muscle breakdown. Experienced body builders train everyday but rotate muscle groups to allow for rest periods. For example, doing arms and chest one day and legs the following day, will insure that one muscle group is recovering while the other is being worked on.

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