Dandelion Tea For Weight Loss Secrets Revealed!

In history, Medieval Latin calls the flower dēns leōnis, which means tooth of a lion. This is because of the shape of the leaves on the sunny plant. Well, you can bite into the next bit of information to help understand whether or not dandelion tea weight loss solution could be your secret weapon to shedding extra pounds.

Well, the so-called “secret” of dandelion tea for weight loss is based on its diuretic properties. Dandelion helps improve digestion and facilitate the removal of waste from our body. It improves the liver’s ability to breakdown toxins within the body, improves our kidneys function, and filters the blood.

When it comes to dandelion root weight loss link, there is a stimulus to the blood circulation within the body. The chemical sesquiterpen also supports the pancreas, so it reduces blood pressure and heart problems. The LDL cholesterol levels are reduced as well. Dandelion root tea can also replace lost potassium, which is often the result of using over-the-counter laxatives.

Dandelion leaves are potent and full of rich nutrients. There is a lot of beta carotene in the leaves, there are higher amounts of iron than in avocados, and there is a multitude of vitamins, zinc, and magnesium. The leaves even have fifteen percent protein nutrition. This protein can be a source of fat burners for men, since it is a good shake replacement after a workout.

Dandelion tea weight loss alternative is an optimal method for those seeking a more natural and chemical – free approach. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that water retention excretion from kidney stimulated by dandelion tea is your long-term solution to weight loss. The only way to permanently lose weight is through a combination of healthy low carb diet, regular exercise, and taking vitamin supplements.

If, however, you are ok with a short-term result, dandelion tea weight loss option could be useful when approved by your nutritionist. The plant stimulates the flow of bile, from the bladder and so, it is directly related to good digestion of fats and oils. It is best to drink your dandelion tea before a meal, because dandelion can also stimulate the appetite somewhat. The one ingredient which helps with dandelion tea weight loss is Lecithin. This is the nutrient which helps emulsify fats, and reduce cholesterol. Dandelion has plenty of lecithin, which amounts to 30,000 parts per million. This is twice as much as the soybean. The fact that is has such a high amount of lecithin, makes it a great choice for steeping a dandelion tea weight loss brew.

Here are some useful tips for the preparation and cultivation of the plants to use for tea. Pick in natural fields and less toxic and industrial areas. The leaves are best collected late winter or early springtime. The leaves are more nutritious the greener they are. Wash the leaves, store in a plastic container or bag, with holes for air circulation. Then, keep in a cold and somewhat humid spot. Use the leaves soon, since the leaves are perishable. Enjoy your cup of weight loss aid!