Dangerous Liposuction Side Effects For Women

All surgical procedures carry some risk, and liposuction is no exception. For women who plan on going “under the tube” it’s important to consider both the short term and long term liposuction risks when making your decision. Remember to have an informed discussion with both your primary care doctor and the doctor that you intend to have perform the procedure before hand to discuss both your health in relation to the surgery, and your alternatives for same.

Mild liposuction side effects that are commonly experienced are excessive swelling (that can be somewhat managed with tight wraps), bruising, numbness and bruising of the affected areas. Liposuction scars can also end up being present at the insertion sites. Less serious, but less common liposuction side effects can include discoloring of the dermis, and the dreaded saggy skin. The saggy skin of course, referring to the extra skin that used to cover your bulge that is now homeless. These baggy flaps sometimes diminish over a period of weeks or months; however in some cases are here to stay.

There are of course much more dangerous liposuction side effects for women. For instance, shock from excessive blood and fluid loss and fat and blood clots, which of course can travel upwards to vital organs. Infection and pulmonary edema have also occurred. Because of the raised risk of these adverse effects, it’s important that people who have existing health conditions speak to their primary care doctor before consulting with a plastic surgeon for this type of procedure. Also, women who are pregnant should not consider liposuction.

The best way to avoid liposuction side effects is not to have it done in the first place. The best alternative to liposuction is to increase your physical activity and reduce your caloric intake. Or, to elect for non invasive liposuction, which yields far fewer adverse reactions and simply liquefies the fat via ultra sonic waves for it to be expelled by your body during its natural process of detoxification. Remember also that the most painful liposuction side effects are most often associated with its cost. And with procedures ranging anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 dollars, the long term effects of that kind of cash disruption might be far worse than bruising and a flapping gut.