Diet Soda and Weight Loss – Myth or Fact?

Does diet soda really contribute to weight loss? Is it a viable diet plan? Over the years, many claims and reports have hit the Internet and other forms of media stating that diet soda can fizz the pounds away. These claims have been debunked more recently stating that diet soda in fact adds pounds to the weight instead of slashing them. Experts who’ve studied the carbonated beverages do indeed create more problems rather than alleviating them for the person seeking to drop some weight. In essence diet soda and weight loss are not related due to the artificial flavors that make up diet soda.

Diet soda along with diet drinks for weight loss can help in weight management but not necessarily weight loss. They are an alternative to high fructose corn syrup beverages and sugary drinks sold on the market. Studies over the years have shown inconsistencies as to whether diet soda and weight loss can mutual exist. Diet soda, as all beverages contributes to the caloric intake. Combining it with highest calorie foods adds pounds to the waistline. Those wanting to lose pounds have often turned to diet smoothies for weight loss, which curbs the amount of sugar intake in the body, or food combining for weight loss to achieve the same effects that reports over the years have stated regarding diet soda and weight loss. Scientists have warned that much of the claims regarding diet soda and weight loss have been grossly exaggerated. It is in effect, more mental than physical. People feel like they will lose the pounds if they consume a Burger King Whopper or McDonald’s Big Mac if they have a diet soda along with the fast food. There is little to back up the claims that diet drinks and weight loss are intertwined.