Four Weight Loss Tea Names You Should Know!

The wise Chinese have cultivated their ancient knowledge of plant attributes for centuries to aid with herbal tea weight loss. Lately with modern research and Globalization, Westerners can take advantage of the weight loss tea benefits. The key to remember when adding Chinese weight loss tea to your rationale, is that cheaters will be caught, meaning you cannot add sugar or sweeteners to the weight loss tea. For diet purposes, stick to honey.

Green tea has few calories, and it is the leaf with less oxidation done to it compared to black tea. Green tea has anti carcinogens, as well as substances which stimulate the work of your metabolism and digestion. The Polyphenols in this tea are also helping you dissimilate fats in the organism. It is a good , cleansing and cancer- fighting weight loss tea. A great option to get the most out of Green tea is to buy green tea extract, or to try Matcha Green tea, which preserves the entire leaf and gives you 20% more metabolism boost.

Oolong tea weight loss is another option. It is sometimes known as Wu long, and it has a low count for calories. Oolong simply has a higher caffeine content, because the oxidation level of the leaves is even smaller than in Green tea. Oolong will have stronger effect on the body’s metabolism, it is definitely one of the best Chinese herbs for weight loss. Oolong helps in lipid breakdown as well.

Black tea will have low calories as well; perhaps 4 or 5 calories. The tea is more oxidized, has different types of antioxidants, and is a little bitterer- tasting. The tea is not very light, so it is best to steep it in hot water for a short period of time. This is also done to prevent people from adding sugar to it.

Pu – Erh tea benefits are plenty and it is another dieter`s favorite. When it comes to Chinese herbs for weight loss, Pu – Erh tea is not made from the same plant as the above Green, oolong, and black teas. This plant is definitely aiding us in lowering cholesterol. It is also colored black and has a different, distinct flavor. Rumors have it, Victoria Beckham is a big fan.

These teas are better than any laxative, diet soda, or other unknown and chemical substances that you might be tempted to try. A weight loss tea is natural and not a quick solution. So many people are spoiled in our modern society to seek instant gratification and instant solutions. For your health you should remember to get up once in a while and stretch, run, and do your body good with natural fruits, vegetables, and vitamins. This is for you and your whole being, spirituality, and peace of mind.