Fucoxanthin Patch For Weight Loss Side Effects

Just when you thought you had seen it all, now there is literally a weight loss patch. That’s right, just slap it on and lose weight, even while you sleep. The fucoxanthin patch purportedly suppresses appetite and burns fat. While we won’t go into the effectiveness of this product, it’s important to understand that the side effects are barely documented and you could be slapping on an oversized band aid that could cause some nasty outcomes.

Since there are no actual reports on fucoxanthin side effects, we will have to separate the ingredient components and look at their individual side effects to see what potentially could happen from using this product. Hoodia is an ingredient in the fucoxanthin patch. Hoodia is an African plant that smells like meat and has been linked to liver damage. While we can all hope the patch doesn’t smell anything like its native plant ingredient list, it’s important to understand that the side effects of Hoodia are not well documented. Additionally, there is little evidence to even suggest that Hoodia aids in weight loss.

Brown seaweed supplement products have been around for awhile, and this age old ingredient is found in the fucoxanthin patch. It is thought that the brown seaweed is a thermogenic, meaning that it burns fat, although this is largely unproven as well. Seaweed is fine in small doses, but it contains a lot of iodine. Too much, and you could end up with iodine poisoning or damage your thyroid gland, the little nugget that controls your metabolism. Fucoidan health benefits are many, but too much of anything is not good, especially this iodine packed natural wonder.

With there being little evidence to suggest weight loss via fucoxanthin patch, and even less research into its potential side effects, it would seem logical to do your research before using this product. Speaking to your doctor about any concerns you might have, along with your diet plans in general will put you on the right track to a healthier, slimmer you. Remember that diet and exercise are the best way to lose weight, and no magic patch is going to let you watch television for hours while shedding the pounds, and an attempt at same might leave you with some nasty side effects.