Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost Without Insurance In USA

Bariatric surgery is without a doubt one of the well known solutions to obesity following its commonality in all ages, sexes and races. While the gastric bypass surgery may not be the healthiest procedure due to its potential long term effects and requirement to adhere to a very restrictive diet afterwards (which poses a question “why not switch to a strict diet right away instead of the surgery, and lose weight naturally, which is the healthiest way?”), it has a very low mortality rate, similar to that of gastric banding, and may be the best option for some patients whose obesity level puts their life in real danger.

If you are strongly considering this surgery, one of your biggest questions likely has to do with the affordability of the procedure. The gastric bypass surgery cost is dependent on several factors with an average cost of $20,000 to $35,000 in the United States. Having mentioned that, not all types or bariatric surgery in general are covered by insurance companies and this can increase the cost of surgery as well as post-op treatment drastically. There may be exceptions, for example, in individuals with BMI higher than 35, a morbid obesity related diseases, as well as a history of unsuccessful weight loss attempts. In some cases, a gastric bypass surgery may be covered by Medicare.

In a circumstance where the surgery is not covered by insurance in USA, the choice of bariatric clinic is very important because the charge varies from one clinic to another in different geographic locations. In the east and west coast, the bypass surgery cost is more expensive in urban areas. For example, the Obesity Surgery Centre in Louisiana charges about $21,500 for laparoscopic (exploratory) gastric bypass surgery but costs an average of $24,000 at the Videoscopic Institute of Atlanta. In the west coast, The Weight Loss Surgery Centres in Dallas, Houston, and Baton Rouge charge an average of $25,000 for the procedure.

The experience of bariatric surgeons and the past medical history of the individual also accounts for the cost of the surgery. More experienced surgeons have higher charges and this is very important because they are more poised to handle any complications that are likely to develop. The gastric bypass surgery cost is also likely to be higher if the individual has more morbid disease conditions like Type 2 diabetes and hypertension. This individual may be monitored for about a year before surgery and may also be given a relatively intense post-op management.

The success of the gastric bypass surgery is definitely more important than the cost (with or without insurance), but the cost to a larger extent determines the success of the procedure. Success and cost is also related to the various procedures which are thoroughly explained in other articles published on our website. Finally, do remember that the only safe way to lose weight and keep it off long term is not by consuming appetite-suppressant pills but rather via natural methods that involve a healthy low carb, moderate protein and fats diet; elimination of disease-inducing foods such as sugar and its derivatives, gluten, dairy, processed foods, etc; intake of daily vitamin supplements; and regular exercise. So whether you are a man in your 50’s or a young woman, check out our list of fat burning foods for men and belly fat burning foods for women, and start incorporating them into your diet today!