Gluten Free Fiber Supplements – Are They OK For IBS Sufferers?

For people suffering from IBS, it can be discouraging to find that there is no magic medication that seems to take the pain and discomfort associated with IBS away overnight. There are many methods that doctor’s use to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and one of these is with psyllium husk fiber. It is thought that by relieving the irregular symptoms associated with IBS, that pain can be relieved or reduced. Although two separate tests involving same have yielded different results as to the efficiency of natural fiber supplements on IBS, no matter the cause or source of constipation, pain is often a side effect, and gluten free fiber supplements are providing an answer for IBS Sufferers who have gluten sensitivity.

Gluten free fiber supplements differ little from their gluten-full cousins on store shelves. The only difference is that they contain little to no gluten and therefore will not cause adverse reactions in people who have sensitivity. Therefore, if your IBS was responding well to fiber, it will also likely respond equally well to gluten free fiber supplements.

The risks and side effects of these over the counter products are usually very mild and they are normally considered very safe to take. Metamucil side effects for instance are normally limited to a feeling of fullness or bloating. Of course, if bloating is a current symptom of your IBS, taking gluten free fiber supplements might further compound your discomfort, at least temporarily.

IBS sufferers should be able to take gluten-less fiber products without issue, but as with any and all medications and supplements, it’s important to discuss anything that you plan to take with your doctor or health care provider. He or she will discuss psyllium husk dosage with you to make sure you are not using too little or too much, and to make sure that it is safe for you to take these products given your health history, current medications, and existing medical conditions beyond your IBS. Remember that it’s best to use fiber products when you’re irregular, and that long term use can lead to the compounding of side effects later on. Speak to your health care provider about the length of time you should be using these products, along with frequency.