Green Tea Tablets vs Drinking Green Tea – Which Fat Buster Is More Effective?

Green Tea has gained increased popularity in the weight loss circuit thanks to its natural caffeine content and weight busting antioxidants. This leaves many of us to wonder whether we should be busting out the tea kettle or head to the store for a bottle of green tea tablets.

There are obvious differences between both types of green tea supplements; the most glaring of all is the convenience factor. Obviously it is substantially easier to pop one or two green tea tablets than it is to whip out the kettle and tea bags several times a day. In addition to this, the amount of beneficial ingredients is almost double in pill form. That means that you would have to drink a bit more green tea to get the same healthful ingredients than you would from a few green tea tablets. Overall, the capsule or tablet version is going to be the more effective product.

But, don’t put the kettle away yet! Drinking the hot stuff is just as an effective green tea fat burner as what you can get in tablet form, you just need a little more of it. And, remember, while some green tea vitamins contain healthy ingredients, some contain additional items that you may simply not want. Drinking a cup of soothing tea gives you just the part that you may want, without any of the other products found in many of today’s green tea supplements.

It’s important to remember that green tea or green tea tablets are not natural wonder drugs. Without exercise and a reduction in calorie intake to lose weight, your efforts will be laughably futile. You will need to maintain a diet and exercise regimen that works for you, along with whatever natural or commercial supplements you select. Your decision to take any dietary, natural, or herbal supplement should be discussed with your doctor or health care provider before you begin. All products, even natural ones, may have contradictions to medications you are taking or conditions you might have. However, green tea in whichever form you choose to use it in can be a great addition to a healthy diet and exercise plan and help boost your efforts and achievements.