HCG For Weight Loss – Are FDA Warnings Legit?

The FDA is warning us not that HCG is dangerous necessarily (it is after all a naturally occurring hormone in women who are expecting) but that it is being horribly mislabeled as a weight loss supplement. That’s right, people are clamoring to buy HCG injections from clinics around the country with absolutely no evidence that HCG for weight loss works at all.

The HCG 500 calorie diet and injection plan claims that users can lose 30 pounds in a month. Let’s slow the roll here. A 500 calorie diet? An elephant could shrink down to the size of a lobster on a 500 calorie a day diet. Not only will you likely feel utterly horrible, how agitated would you be at only eating 500 calories a day? And, you’re getting hormones? This is already sounding like a diet only for people who live alone. Never mind the fact that HCG for weight loss is a completely unproven method, starving people is always a surefire way to lose weight, so in essence the product sells itself. You are doing all the work by not eating, and your wallet is also getting lighter!

The FDA might not be everyone’s favorite government entity, but they are genuinely trying to keep people from getting horribly scammed. There is no such thing as fat burning injections or some way for you to lose a double digit amount of pounds in a few days. Realistically, if such a thing existed, was readily available, and actually worked, everyone everywhere would be skinny. There wouldn’t be enough room on the runway of America’s Next Top Model. The sad truth is that decades of medical technology have left us with the one inevitable truth that the only true way to a bodacious body is diet, exercise and vitamin supplements. So don’t let people fool you with overhyped claims about B12 shots for weight loss, hormone injections and magic pills. When taken alone, HCG for weight loss is nothing more than a fad, and a potentially dangerous one. HCG for weight loss will not help you lose weight, but if you elect to try out a 500 calorie a day diet, you can rest assure that you will lose weight. And be potentially the most angry person on your street.