HCG Injections Side Effects In Women – Infertility Related?

Well, another diet fad has come about, this time in the form of HCG injections. HCG is the hormone that is present in the female body that signals a pregnancy test to display those ominous two stripes. It the right amounts and at the right time, it enables the growth of a developing baby. When used incorrectly, or at an improper time, HCG injections side effects can be detrimental, sometimes long term.

It’s rather unclear how supposed fat burning injections have become such a craze. With the typical fail rate of weight loss pills, coupled with the risk of hormone injections, it seems unfathomable that people would continue to subject themselves to such risk all for the sake of vanity. However, HCG for weight loss has become a growing trend, and some women are experiencing long term detrimental HCG injections side effects.

Because of the fact that balancing the amount of this hormone in the body is critical, too much of it can have unfortunate results. Too high of a level has confirmed ovarian cysts as HCG injections side effects. The tumors and cysts that occur can completely damage the ovaries, therefore potentially rendering the user unable to reproduce conventionally. HCG injections for weight loss can have other damaging effects on the body, as with anytime hormones are used improperly.

If you are considering an HCG injection, ponder some things first; is losing weight worth potentially rendering healthy organs useless? Have you explored all of your options? Are you considering HCG injections side effects fully before proceeding? Is the person administering your HCG Injection a doctor?

If you are deperate to lose weight, talk to your doctor. He or she will discuss alternatives to hormone injection that will do less damage to your body and help you to avoid potentially serious end results. And, before trying anything, ask yourself if you have put forth a truly valiant effort with regards your diet and exercise plan. Often, limiting calorie intake and exercising just a couple of times a week will provide all the weight loss you will ever need.