Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes For Kids

Healthy meal replacement shakes for kids would be a great option for you to look into, if your child is very picky when it comes to food or gets sick a lot, in general. Naturally, if this is the case, then it only makes sense if you are worried that he or she isn’t getting the nutrients that he needs on a daily basis to support his or her development and growth. Well, depending on your child’s needs, low carb protein shakes, lactose free protein shakes and healthy meal replacement shakes for kids can all help provide a good course of vitamins, minerals, calories and protein all in one place. Here are some of the most popular brands for you to consider until you can find out your little one’s preferred flavor and decide whether these choices are a good healthy option for your family nutrition:

1. Boost Kid Essentials: Boost Kid Essentials is made by Nestle Nutrition and is one of the many supposedly healthy meal replacement shakes for kids out there from one to thirteen years old. Since it comes in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavors, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting your kid to drink this shake. The good news is that, as claimed by the manufacturer, your little trouble-maker can meet almost 100% of his nutritional needs thanks to an impressive list of vitamins, by consuming four brick packs every day. The bad news is that drinking that much of a processed drink will eventually not only likely cause dental sensitivities or even cavities due to the extremely high sugar and fructose content, but will suppress your child’s immune system. This is because these meal replacement drinks are loaded with toxic artificial sweeteners like maltodextrin, which are responsible for an extensive list of potential illnesses; man made milk ingredient sodium caseinate; and soybean oil, which contains several toxins, MSG and a human carcinogen.

2. Nutren Junior: Also made by Nestle Nutrition, Nutren Junior is supposedly great for children with poor growth and who get sick a lot, because it contains 32 essential minerals and vitamins. It should not be hard to decide whether this drink will improve your offspring’s health or actually worsen it when consuming four cans per day, since, similarly to the Essentials version discussed above, this drink contains a high amount of sugar, maltodextrin, soybean and canola oil (man made oils have carcinogenic properties), and undisclosed artificial flavors.

3. SmartMeal Nutritional Shake Mix: This weight loss smoothie is both delicious and claims to be healthy with only 130 calories in it. Aside from that, it has a lot of beneficial levels of phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and vitamin D in it, as well. This can be used to replace meals for children who need to lose weight, but it can also serve as an emergency snack anytime during the day. Since these smoothies for weight loss have flax seed in them, kids tend to feel much fuller after drinking them and are thus less likely to snack on unhealthy foods between meals because of them. Here are some healthier snack ideas instead! Beware of the sugar cane, natural flavors, and preservatives content that compromise the benefits of this otherwise healthy drink.

4. Pediasure: Pediasure and Ensure are both made by Abbott and it comes in various flavors, including vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, berry and banana. Because of this, kids tend to love it. This shake doesn’t just taste good, it has a lot of fiber in it and has 26 essential minerals and vitamins in it, as well. As such, this would be one of the popular marketed options for healthy meal replacement shakes for kids. However, as mentioned above, be mindful of the artificial flavors, sugar, and corn maltodextrin, which had shown via numerous health studies, to be potentially allergenic and toxic to the body.

With food sensitivities, allergies, and child eczema on the rise, it is more crucial than ever before for young mothers to not only learn how to properly combine foods, but to read food labels and identify ingredients that may carry more potential health issues than nutritional value. Home made foods, including delicious fruit and vegetable shakes made from scratch with a blender, are a way healthier alternative to pre-packaged so-called healthy meal replacement shakes.