Herbal Tea Weight Loss Programs – Ancient Remedy Secrets!

There are older herbal tea weight loss methods that men and women have been using as a steady addition to an already healthy lifestyle. This type of herbal tea weight loss solution has been used for digestive aid, and to promote healthy and fiery metabolisms. A slimming tea by definition will mostly aid digestion, perhaps increase the metabolic rate, and help cleanse the colon and digestive system.

1. One such tea can be made from the Ginger root. It is a very healthy tea with antioxidants and it is anti inflammatory. It would help not only metabolism, but also to clear any illness in the wintertime. Ginger also helps with certain chronic pains. It has come to us from South East Asia, and has been used by the Chinese. In the middle Easy, ginger was named zanjabil , and it was imported from Indian by the Arabic nation. In general, ginger tea warms the body, aids digestion, opens liver clogs, improves sight, reduces blood clots, and even relieves headaches and toothache.

2. Another interesting ayurevdic medical fruit is Amla fruit. You make make tea out of Amla fruit, and it contributes to weight loss. The other name for Amla is Indian gooseberry. It works because it boosts the metabolism of protein in the body. If a person exercises on a regular basis, they can benefit from Amla.

3. Another herbal tea weight loss aid is Ginseng Tea. Healers all throughout South Asia commend ginseng as a medical plant and weight loss aid for years. In a December 2010 study, this plant slows down pancreatic lipase, so it effect, it helps with weight loss. Korean ginseng was given to lab animals on a high fat diet. There was also the option of no treatment. The rats that ate the Korean ginseng lost weight and fat mass without any side effects.

4. Yerba Mate is a South American extract and can be used as herbal tea weight loss solution. This plant has caffeine but it also reduces cholesterol. These effects help treat obesity. Rats were also tested in the edition of Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology. The treated rats (on a high- fat diet) lost weight and also reduced their inflammation rates.

5. Gabiroba tea. This plant comes from Brazil, and it helps treat ulcers and lowers triglycerides. This extract will cause to lose some weight, and lower blood sugar levels, good news for diabetics.

6. Roselle Tea is a herbal tea weight loss option that comes to us from Thailand. This is made from Hibiscus Sabdariffa. This tea is consumed to lower cholesterol. Hibiscus extract has diuretic effects. The Thai people have been using Roselle for years to promote herbal tea weight loss.

7. A type of laxative tea is made from the Senna seeds. Senna tea is made from the leaves, and can be used to help some weight loss, it improves digestion and works as a natural laxative. Just use senna in moderation because too much system flushing can eliminate important nutrients away from the body, and it is best to consult with a dietitian before starting senna tea treatments. Some well- known companies that make Senna tea are Bija and Yogi.

When using laxatives to lose weight, it is important to do so rarely and moderately, and make sure there isn’t too much diarrhea or dehydration. Serious abuse of laxatives, especially non- natural over the counter laxatives, can lead to severe dependency, heart failure, and chronic digestive problems. Be forewarned, and be informed.

Some people turn to diet soda drinks, in order to feel better about their calorie count and yet still maintain their body weight. Diet soda and weight loss is a confusing partnership. First of all, diet soda contains carcinogenic artificial sweeteners, which are worse than sugar. Second, studies in Texas show that diet sodas actually cause weight gain and weight problems. Thanks, America… At the University of Texas, a study was done on 474 people. Those who consumed 2 or more sodas per day had great weight increases, six times more than the soda- free consumers. The industry of coca cola and Sprite will never have your health in mind. These companies have just marketed the sodas as diet so that people feel better about themselves when they drink this stuff. Truly, why trust any drink that comes in an aluminum container? On top of that, blood sugar levels were raised, and the risk of heart disease increases.

It is much safer and healthier to go by herbal tea weight loss. At least the concept does not advertize any shortcuts. People must still do the work of exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating the right foods, and keeping their foods natural and package- free. No amount of advertising in the world should convince anyone to logically believe the company’s feeble attempts at presenting their chemical products as ‘’ healthy ‘’.