Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Solution – Short and Long Term Effects!

Ketogenic diet weight loss couples a high fat intake with high protein levels and extremely low amounts of carbohydrates. The ketogenic diet weight loss plan is often used to treat epilepsy in children that cannot be controlled with oral medications. This diet has been widely studied and used in the John Hopkins Children’s Center in Maryland to control severe daily seizures in children. After many years of research the scientists report that the ketogenic diet is incredibly effective to reduce seizure instance and is safe to be used long term.

The same concept could be applied in treating patients with excessive body mass numbers. Created to force the body to burn fat, the diet offers enough nutrition for body growth and caloric intake. It is important to exclude starch rich foods such as bread and pasta, as well as fruits and starchy veggies like potatoes and carrots. The ketogenic diet weight loss solution is a strict diet for weight loss as the person undergoing the diet must adhere to the varying aspects of it.

There are short term and long term effects of the ketogenic diet weight loss plan, also known as the ketosis diet. The above mentioned study was being carried out at the John Hopkins Center from 1993 to 2008 involving 101 juvenile patients. Some of the short term effects were temporary and included hypoglycemia, constipation and high levels of cholesterol. Only 2 children out of 101 developed kidney stones. The latter ketogenic diet weight loss side effect could be remedied by oral supplementation of potassium citrate. However, the study did not conclude the long term risks to the epileptic children as bone fractures or growth retardation as many nutritionists fear. Up to 80% of children saw dramatic decreases in the frequency of seizures even years after stopping the diet. Despite the study results, ketogenic diets have been heavily criticized as those that can pose great risk to bodily functions.

In 2004, Hussein M Dashti Ph.D, FICS FACS along with a group of other scientists carried out a clinical cardiology study as to “Long Term Effects of a Ketogenic Diet in Obese Patients”. The study was performed over a 24 week period and included a total of 83 obese patients, 39 men and 44 women. Blood glucose levels and LDL and LDL cholesterol parameters along with body mass indexes were taken at regular intervals. At the end of the Study, the scientists concluded that the Ketogenic diet weight loss plan was incredibly effective both long and short term and allowed patients to significantly reduce not only body mass and LDL (bad cholesterol) while dramatically increasing levels of HDL (good cholesterol).

Similar symptoms mentioned above are often side effects of low carb diet, as the body needs carbohydrates to sustain itself. Still, the diet is seen as therapeutic and has been very effective in for the purpose of weight loss and the management of epilepsy symptoms. Ketogenic diets have been shown to rapidly result in weight loss because of how bodies react to carbohydrate restriction. The ketogenic diet often mimics that of paleo diet weight loss, in which the person burns the body fat by eating copious amounts of protein, low starch vegetables, nuts and seeds.