L-Carnitine Weight Loss Dosage – How Much To Take?

These days, l-carnitine weight loss pills are in the dieters’ spotlight. L-carnitine is shown to increase energy production and fat burning in the body. It is produced in the body but as we age, the production is affected.

The recommended daily acetyl l carnitine dosage is 500mg to 600mg. Experts advise to take 250mg or 300mg pills as dosages of 500mg can cause side effects in people sensitive to natural supplements.

The recommended l-carnitine weight loss dosage is 1000mg to 3000mg. However, it is better to stick to the lower end of the dosage spectrum, especially if you are sensitive to stimulants. L-carnitine stimulates the nervous system and boosts energy levels much like caffeine and hence it is advisable to take the l-carnitine supplement before 4pm.

You should take 300mg or 500mg l-carnitine weight loss supplements a few times a day. Be sure not to go above recommended dosage as overdose of l-carnitine weight loss pills can cause irritability, nausea and insomnia.

Take l-carnitine pills along with following a good exercise program and healthy diet and see your body fat melt off easily. Apart from increase in metabolism, one advantage of l-carnitine weight loss pills is the boost in energy levels. You will have more energy for exercise or any physical activity. There are also other options for increasing your energy levels such as using b12 injections for weight loss. These injections are usually combined with lipotropic ingredient such as choline to increase fat burning in specific areas such as the stomach and inner thighs.

Another popular option for faster weight loss is HCG injection. These injections are given as a part of a restricted 500calories/day HCG diet. Although most experts advice against such drastic diets, HCG diet method has very good customer reviews. As HCG hormone is an appetite suppressant, people report reduced hunger and food cravings.