Laser Fat Removal – Facts and Myths Exposed!

Does laser fat removal sound like a quick-fix gimmick along with weight loss pills, body wraps for weight loss or creams that banish cellulite? It is advertised by med spa clinics and salons as a holy grail of all non invasive liposuction procedures without painful tummy tuck recovery phase or serious liposuction side effects. Often compared to non invasive liposuction procedures, laser fat removal is a great alternative for people with certain problem areas that just do not seem to go away despite diet and exercise, including love handles, bulging tummy and hips. Like all innovative weight loss techniques, it is surrounded by all sorts of myths that we will try to debunk below.

Myth: No laser fat removal method is approved by the FDA, therefore it is unclear whether these are safe and effective to use.
Fact: Surprisingly, FDA managed to approve a few of the laser fat removal procedures starting with Zerona developed by Erchonia Corp. Zerona is a low level laser machine that works by destroying the structure of the subcutaneous fat cells leading to their drainage through the client’s lymphatic system. The FDA approved Zerona as a laser weight loss device in 2010 followed by placebo controlled clinical trials. The clinical trials displayed Zerona machine to be able to remove an average of 3.5 inches off the hips, waist and thighs after six 1-hour treatments in two weeks.

Myth: Anyone can benefit from laser fat removal.
Fact: This laser technique is not typically recommended for the individuals seeking to lose large amounts of weight. On the contrary, this innovative technique is suited for people who are in otherwise good shape and are simply seeking to perfect the contours of their thighs, hips or waist. Devices similar to Zerona laser system are ideal as supplemental therapy to an active lifestyle and sensible diet and not a method to lose copious amounts of weight.

Myth: Laser fat removal is safe, free of side effects and can be used on virtually anyone.
Fact: No cosmetic or medical procedure can be ultimately good for everyone, there are some individuals who simply should not use this device for multiple reasons. Individuals with active skin infections, cancer, kidney and liver disease, pregnant or breastfeeding women should stay away from this procedure. In addition, clients with peacemakers or those who have undergone abdominal surgeries within the last 6 months should also consult a doctor prior to use.

Myth: With this weight loss procedure, you will be able to see instant results, right after the first treatment.
Fact: Since the laser devices affect microscopic fat cells, it takes time to see results. Most patients started seeing results after their fourth treatment. In all, cosmetologists recommend purchasing a package of six 1-hours treatments spaced over the period of 2 weeks.

As a final note, Zerona and all similar laser weight loss devices are effective to tighten skin around the midsection, hips and thighs by melting fat off these areas. Though the fat cells lose their lipid components, they remain present under the skin and may grow if a patient resumes unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle.

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