Liposuction San Diego Locations – Top 5 Choices!

While many people still consider liposuction one of the fastest ways to lose weight, people who have done their research have come to realize that it’s more of a body sculpting technique than it is for weight loss, and many reputable doctors shun the notion of performing this procedure on grossly overweight or obese people. That being said, liposuction is alive and well, and for the right price, can be performed on just about anyone. That’s why finding highly rated and well reviewed doctors and clinics is so vital to making good care decisions. Since finding doctors from city to city can feel like finding a needle in a haystack, we’ve come up with this list of top 5 liposuction San Diego locations, to help narrow down your sunny west coast options. This list comprises some of the best facilities for liposuction San Diego and ensures that no matter if you are after laser, tumescent, or vaser lipo, you’re sure to find the location that is best for you. In developing this list, many factors were considered such as a facility’s ability to perform a wide range of services thereby offering many choices, and reviews of the attending physician or physicians. In addition, looks at competing markets such as liposuction San Francisco doctors were also considered in terms of price and overall cost. While the descriptions are brief to encourage you to do your own research as well (it’s your body and your blubber, you can make a few phone calls), this list will provide you with a good starting point to determine the best liposuction San Diego location for you:

1. New Image Cosmetic Surgery: 18,000 procedures strong, and a large variety of products and services.
2. Pousti Plastic Surgery: Liposuction is their primary specialty under the helm of Dr. Tom Pousti.
3. Pacific Liposculpture: 15,000 procedures and claims of reduced downtime
4. The Practice of Dr. Scott Barttelbort: thankfully, you will likely not have to spell the good Doctor’s last name after the initial consultation at this well reviewed facility.
5. SK Clinic La Jolla: Many procedures and thorough consultation of all your body gripes will help ensure that you leave feeling like a new you.

No matter which liposuction San Diego location you choose, liposuction for men and women is a big decision. Make sure that you feel comfortable with your doctor and that he or she has answered all of your questions prior to the surgery. Additionally, consult with your primary care provider to ensure that you are healthy enough for this type of procedure.