Low Cal vs Low Carb Protein Shakes Compared!

When considering protein shakes, you may become confused immediately. That’s because protein shakes are a hot item and the market is flooded with beige colored powders that are all “guaranteed” to help you build muscle and lose weight. So how do you make a decision on which kind to purchase? Well, first you need to decide if you need just a protein shake for lean muscle building, or you need to make a selection that also helps you achieve your weight loss goals as in protein shakes for weight loss. These typically will come in two varieties: Low carb protein shakes, such as ultramet champion nutrition, and low cal protein shakes such as many from the Slim Fast Family.

The major difference of course is what is in, and what is not in your shake. In the case of low cal shakes you are getting all the protein and fewer calories. This is ideal for diets that require calorie counting, and often these shakes can serve as meal replacements, so long as they meet some basic dietary requirements. Conversely, low carb protein shakes offer the protein without the carbs with less emphasis on caloric count. For followers of Atkins, these shakes are the way to go.

So which do you choose? Well, you choose the one that coincides with your current diet plan. If you are feasting away on low carb snacks like packets of tuna and beef jerky, then you will likely opt for the low carb protein shakes. Meanwhile, if you are trying to stay under a certain number of calories every day, you will likely elect instead the low calorie versions.
Really the difference lies in choosing the product that works with your current diet and exercise plan. It’s worthwhile to note that the low carb protein shakes tend to be slightly more expensive than your readily available cans of Slimfast, but that’s not to say that discounted items aren’t available from both categories. Both types of products are equally well reviewed, because they’re being used by people that are incorporating them into their already existing diet routine.

Let’s remember, that losing weight is a multi step process. It starts with a good and rigorous exercise routine, is supplemented with vitamins and herbs for weight loss, and revolves around a healthy diet. The manner in which you choose to combine these essential elements is entirely up to you, but all should be discussed with your doctor or health care provider before proceeding.