Medically Supervised Weight Loss – Which Clinic to Choose?

For some weight loss is achieved simply through diet and exercise, however, for those who are morbidly obese with life threatening complications, medically supervised weight loss might be necessary to achieve these goals. Under the guidance of doctors specializing on medical weight loss, nutritionists, psychologists and personal trainers, overweight individuals are finally able to lose weight safely and successfully with their progress closely monitored. For some individuals with Body Mass Indexes over 35, some insurance plans can offer a full or partial coverage of medically supervised weight loss.

There are many medically supervised weight loss clinics across the country offering a vast menu of services ranging from colon cleanse weight loss to a traditional supervised diet and exercise program to even arguably effective hypnotist weight loss options. The question often asked is what does one need to look for in a weight loss clinic? All medically supervised weight loss clinics offer several methods and procedures in order for weight loss to be attained. Medically supervised weight loss clinics have custom made plans and programs that are designed to fit the clients needs so their goals are met with respect to weight loss. All clinics promote their methods of weight loss as being a dramatic lifestyle change rather than the quick fix. The programs are observed in the presence of a physician and detailed reports are done so the client can know how they are progressing in their weight loss journey.

The best way to find the right clinic is to ask your family practitioner or a physician for a reference. Since the doctor already knows your medical history, he may be able to recommend just the right clinic to suit your particular situation especially if you have a host of chronic health conditions standing on the way to weight loss. Doing research online is another great option offering a plethora of information from other people who have already achieved their weight loss goals in the past. One of the best sources for finding safe and effective weight loss programs is to check with a Better Business Bureau and finding a business that has been highly rated by this agency, especially since weight loss is associated with a massive number of scams going around.

No matter which clinic you choose, most of them will start with a detailed health exam including your body mass analysis, blood panel, EKG, eating habits and psychological evaluation. Based upon these findings doctors devise a custom based program to suit your individual needs as to nutrition plan, trainer based exercises, FDA approved appetite suppressant medications if necessary and even therapy sessions to address emotional eating aspects. Medically supervised weight loss is much more effective for some people rather than trying to do this alone at home because it provides support, motivation and education throughout the whole experience.

In extreme cases, when morbidly obese patients are unable to stick to a program for various reasons or are in dire need for immediate weight loss due to health complications, adjustable gastric band surgery or other bariatric procedures may be recommended. A lap band procedure is a surgery utilizing a silicone hollow band placed in the upper portion of the stomach to restrict its size and reduce food intake of a patient. This leads to steady weight loss, however, it may require revision surgeries in case any of the complications are developed.