Metamucil Side Effects – What To Be Aware Of?

All medicines and supplements can have side effects. For many people, there are none or they are incredibly mild. However, even Metamucil, the fiber product that has been making old people on TV look happy for decades, is not without its small share of adverse effects. If you’re wondering “is Metamucil safe,” rest assured, most people take the recommended Metamucil dosage without any side effects whatsoever. However, in some cases, especially when Metamucil weight loss dosages are considered, Metamucil side effects may be emphasized or compounded. It’s important to remember that dietary fiber supplements are not intended for weight loss, and there is little evidence that cleaning out your poop chute is going to yield any weight loss results.

So what are the side effects of this magic powder? Metamucil side effects are normally mild and usually include bloating and fullness in the abdomen. While normally well tolerated, these Metamucil side effects can cause discomfort in some users. However, as with any medication, Metamucil side effects can become extremely severe if you have an allergic reaction to these products. Itching, swelling, hives and chest pain are all signs of an allergic reaction and are signs that you need to discontinue use and see a health care provider immediately.
If you are simply taking Metamucil as a fiber supplement or as a gentle laxative, you likely will be able to take the product without any adverse reactions. However, if you are under the impression that taking large amounts is going to help you in your weight loss endeavors, you will ultimately realize that laxatives are not at all beneficial to weight loss, and you could be causing serious damage to your insides.

Remember to discuss any and all medications and supplements you are considering with your health care provider. He or she will determine if they are safe for you to take and whether or not they could potentially interfere with medications that you are taking or health conditions you currently have. Metamucil is a quality product with years of success in treating mild constipation, and likely if you have a need for this product, you will find it safe, gentle and effective.