Natural Diet Pills That Work – Top 5 Picks!

With all the buzz surrounding crazy stimulant side effects, coupled with the ban of ephedra, everyone’s favorite weight loss drug, it seems that the all natural market is kind of selling itself these days, and you can find almost as many natural diet pills as you can kooky chemical concoctions. Buyer beware however, as natural supplements can carry their own side effects and are not evaluated by the FDA in the same manner traditional drugs are. Herbal weight loss supplements however are likely to be a somewhat safer alternative to many of the internet super buys available today. So, if you are starting your search for natural diet pills, start here with a list of the top 5 picks. Remember that before taking any dietary supplements for weight loss that you consult with your physician before you go picking up a bottle of hoodia diet pills.

1. Best Slim 100% Natural Weight Loss Pill: Users claim that it is an effective appetite suppressant, watch out for fakes though!

2. Applied Nutrition Natural Fat Burner: Pomegranate juice and blueberries make this a potent antioxidant payload in attrition to its fat burning benefits.

3. Trim1000: The ingredients list sounds like a salad bar, and it even includes artichoke. Great for people that would rather not actually eat their veggies but still want to drop a few pounds.

4. Now Foods Relora: An interesting spin on weight loss, this product works by reducing stress that can lead to overeating. The product claims that the appetite is suppressed by relaxing the body and mind.

5. MegaSlim: Provides energy and suppresses appetite, this vitamin packed supplement will keep you going all day long.

It’s important to understand that natural diet pills can carry side effects just like their pharma cousins, however, if you have found traditional over the counter weight loss treatments too harsh, or contradictory to medications you are taking or conditions you might have, natural diet pills might be a better option for you. All natural diet pills can be a safer and just as effective way of helping you shed pounds, but must be combined with a sensible diet and solid exercise plan.