Pole Dance Fitness Classes – Sexy Weight Loss Alternative!

Aiming for that sexy form and impressive core, well look no further with pole dance fitness. A cut above regular dancing and the typical weight loss programs, pole dance fitness is full of exercises to lose belly fat. Pole dance fitness classes incorporate various types of exercise in an effort to aid you in losing the desired weight. There are many pole dance fitness methods and styles that can be done to obtain that sexy core.

Pole dance fitness classes may have removable poles or permanent poles depending on the type of studio where the class is being held. Certain safety procedures have to be adhered to in order to make certain that the potential injuries and risks are minimized. There are also friction fit poles, which are held in place by friction with just a pad; portable poles, which can be taken from class to class; platform poles, which is specifically designed pole for unique and special pole dance classes and rotating poles, which move freely within a mount in the floor.

There are inner thigh exercises such as scissor kicking, thigh squeezing and squat lifts. Pole dance fitness is fun, electrifying and gets the body moving. With leg slimming exercises and exciting moves – you will choreograph your way to an impressive body shape while creating a new you. Pole dance fitness increases your body strength, provides incredible body toning all on a pole. Many pole dance fitness instructors also say it adds loads of joy to your self-esteem and builds poise that you can indeed have the body that will be the envy of all you meet and know. Pole dance fitness is a simple and wonderful way to lose weight. Try this along with yoga asanas for weight loss such as the dolphin plank posture or the cobra stance and get a stirring and energizing workout. Turn on your music, and dance the fat off. Happy Dancing!