Pure African Mango Extract – Weight Loss Miracle or Marketing Trick?

The human desire to lose weight fast thanks to some miracle yet natural fat burners has triggered the promotion of medicinal plants and even fruits such as the African mango commonly referred to as the bush mango. The use of the pure African mango extract as a weight loss ingredient is relatively new yet becoming more popular as it is currently being marketed by several companies as an African mango supplement. The pure extract is taken from the seed of the fruit, which most people do not consume but prefer the fruit pulp.

A small bottle of the supplement goes for 30 dollars or more. With the numerous claims to be able to trim waistlines, made mostly by supplement manufacturers that sponsor most studies related to the extract’s efficacy and safety, the final verdict is inconclusive.

The nutrition experts from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics explain that very limited evidence suggests that pure African mango extract may work thanks to its active component IGOB131 (Irvingia Gabonensis), by decreasing leptin (also known as the “obesity hormone”) and stimulating the body to metabolize fat. Eating this wild super fruit from Cameroon, Africa, is supposed to not only help you shed pounds but also lower cholesterol. The fact remains, however, that there are very limited studies conducted to date on the relationship between IGOB131 and weight loss, so research proving the claims should be considered with caution until more findings are made.

One research on the extract was done by the consumer.com but was being conducted for a very short period of less than 10 weeks so people argued that the African mango side effects are not known if the supplement is used for no more than 10 weeks. The infamous Dr. Oz who appeared on the Oprah’s show, believes that the extract contains potent multivitamin but also aids in weight reduction.

In addition to being used to suppress appetite, the pure African mango extract is also used as a weight loss remedy is because of its high vitamin B content. Vitamin B generally increases metabolism and releases enough energy which can be used to burn even more fat during exercise. It also reduces the amount of the “bad cholesterol” particles, known as low density lipoprotein, preventing its deposition in vital organs like the heart. Its deposition can cause hypertension and heart diseases leading to heart failure.

African mango diet scam is also being enlarged because some nutritionists state the price as one of the problems with the pure African mango extract. They believe the same effects can be obtained from other fruits such as goji berries and acai. Also they advise that a healthy diet full of green leafy vegetables, lean meats, fermented milk products like kefir, and good fats such as organic butter and extra virgin coconut oil, is good enough to prevent gaining weight, especially when complemented with vitamin supplements such as vitamins A, B, C, D, E, Omega 3 fats, and Calcium and Magnesium minerals, and regular exercise.

Be aware that the extract’s popularity is attributed largely to marketing strategies, and remember that there is no one miracle weight loss supplement to make you drop pounds without potential health issues (long or short term), if you continue eating unhealthy foods and don’t change your nutritional habits. Our body is able to effectively slim itself down when it is given all the proper nutrients it requires to metabolize fats and burn calories. Chemical weight loss remedies are toxic, and natural ones offer results only when combined together with other natural health methods such as diet and vitamin supplements. Finally, be mindful of the side effects of the African mango extract, which are tackled in our other articles.