Pure Hoodia Gordonii – How To Spot Counterfeit Pills?

With the popularity of pure hoodia gordonii, it is essential that one know how to spot counterfeit pills. To test the authenticity of pure hoodia gordonii, one should seek out documentation on a product’s website. Looking for certification such as a certificate of analysis or Organics annex is key. Labels should also be checked thoroughly as to the dosage of pure hoodia gordonii. Researchers and doctors have stated that the dosage should be at least 400 mg. Pure hoodia gordonii is often considered an appetite suppressant natural remedy, it is important that one not hunt for a cheap supplement. Brand names are essential for weight loss supplements. While the generics may be cheaper, you are safer with brand names and well known products. A money back guarantee policy should also come with the bottle you are buying. The company marketing the hoodia should stand behind their product faithfully.

Possibly the most important question to ask when examining the hoodia, is what part of the plant was used? The majority of the hoodia plant offers nothing in terms of weight loss except for the core of the plant. Without this being used in the product, weight will not be lost. Slimming tablets such as the African Mango diet pill contain hoodia and have been found to use the core of the plant. Research has shown the pill to be highly effective in weight loss. There are some hoodia gordonii side effects too that should be observed. Hoodia has been shown to affect the liver and people with diabetes. Hoodia also affects the thirst mechanisms within the body. The signal from the brain regarding thirst is blocked due to its potency. Even with the recommendations regarding spotting fake hoodia gordonii and all of the information available regarding the plant, many still state that to know if its true hoodia is impossible unless one takes it to a laboratory for meticulous scientific testing to know for sure.