Quick Weight Loss Center Cost Of Program – What Is Included?

These days, weight loss and eating disorder treatment centers are gaining increasing popularity as the choice for safe and healthy weight loss. Quick weight loss center cost depends on the individual customized program.

Quick weight loss center cost of program includes customized diets, recipes and cookbooks. These centers claim to produce weight loss results as high as 3-7lbs per week without the need for exercise. Although these centers do not offer supervised physician weight loss programs, they provide you with a certified nutrition specialist as your counselor. The counselor will essentially teach you how to deal with real food and eat in healthy way to lose weight. Although at first they can tell you there is no need for supplements or other weight loss products, many people report paying for the products a few weeks into the programs. Some of the products you might pay for are quick snacks, nutritional bars, salad dressings, drinks & shakes and other recommended products.

For customized clinical weight loss programs, there will start up fee which can be $100 – $500. After all the weight loss products and supplements, you could end up paying thousands of dollars. You can also choose home programs if you don’t want to go to the clinic. Quick weight loss center cost of home programs can range from between $400 – $500. There are different packaged that you could choose from based on your needs. In a 6 week home package, you will be receiving recipes, cook books, herbal and protein supplements, multi-vitamins and weight loss counseling.

Quick weight loss center cost may not be covered by your insurance as the programs that the centers offer are not physician supervised medical weight loss programs for serious conditions such as obesity. If you are looking for insurance coverage for your clinical based obesity program, you could go to a medical clinic, which can offer different supervised weight loss programs.

A bariatric clinic can also assist you with other healthy conditions related to weight gain or obesity, poor eating habits and lifestyle habits. They offer behavioral therapy, support group counseling, medications for unexplained weight gain problems, teach you about the smart ways to exercise and increase physical activity.