Teenage Weight Loss Plan – Top 10 Girl’s Secrets!

Talking to overweight teenage girls about obesity is not easy since it can lead to poor body image, anorexia and psychological problems. However, helping girls create a sensible teenage weight loss plan will help them lose weight healthfully and manage it easier later in life.

Center for Disease Control in the US reports that almost a third of teenage and adolescent children in the country are facing obesity. Triggered by sedentary lifestyles and poor dietary choices, the roots of obesity usually lie in the families. Therefore, it is important for parents to instill healthy eating habits in children from early on and set up foundation for lifelong well being.

The teenage weight loss plan is designed to be a safe and routinely efficient plan to aid in preventing obesity. These ten secrets highlight the teenage weight loss plan to help girls gain confidence and a slender figure.

1. Sleep at least 8 hours. Lack of sleep leads to hormonal imbalance in teenage girls, which in its turn can result in extra pounds around the waistline. Since lack of sleep makes us feel tired, we try to gain a sense of well being by eating something tasty again and again throughout the day. In addition, the imbalance of hunger and fullness hormones, ghrelin and leptin throws a body into an overeating spin. So, girls, do not sit at night texting your friends, give your body a break! You will be glad you did.

2. Build a solid exercise routine. This is essential for the teenage weight loss plan to work. Without exercise, diets take longer to work. Exercising is heart healthy and gets the blood pumping. However, it is important to create an exercise plan that is exciting and change it up occasionally. Incorporate fun activities you truly enjoy like dancing, rollerblading, surfing or swimming. You don’t have to go to the gym to get a full body workout – go for a bike ride around the neighborhood, take a buddy for a walk or do some yard work. Set aside at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.

3. Keep your body hydrated. Human cells are made up almost entirely of water and require it to work properly. Drink as much as you can and by drinking we mean W-A-T-E-R! Sugary sodas are NOT on the list. The body is predominantly water so why not keep it hydrated properly. If drinking just plain water sounds just too boring, try slicing some citrus fruit and adding it in your water along with some berries from time to time.

4. Brush up on nutrition. Perhaps meeting with a nutritionist is key here as well as researching to ensure the teenage weight loss plan is well understood. Registered nutritionists will help find the fastest ways to lose weight based on individual characteristics.

5. Learn to cook. Yes, girls, learn to cook! Instead of baking cookies that are a sure way to pack on excessive pounds or a calorie laden pizza, why not surprise your friends with some delicious low calories treats like hummus with fresh vegetables, fruit and string cheese kabobs, berry and yogurt smoothies and lean turkey lettuce wraps. By cooking even small snack meals, you will be less tempted to go on a fast food binge. And do not forget that fresh raw diet food meals are even easier to prepare.

6. Avoid unhealthy fad diets. Resist the urge to use diets that offer rapid weight loss approaches such as skipping meals, purging, all liquid or monodieting. These methods might result in temporary weight loss but will wreak havoc with your health in the long run. Losing weight steadily and slowly is the healthiest teenage weight loss plan.

7. Engage a friend for motivation. Teenage weight loss plan is so much more fun together with a friend. Friends can provide motivation and keep you accountable to stick to your weight loss goals. Exercising together is also more fun.

8. Create a weight loss goal board. Visualization has helped millions of people to reach their goals, the same can be true for teenage weight loss plan. Cut and paste photos of places you would like to visit, dresses or swimsuits you would like to fit in and new activities you would like to try once you slim down. Place the board in a high traffic area, like your bathroom or a hallway and you are sure to be reminded of it several times daily. Practice and promote a weight loss dream that can become reality.

9. Learn a new hobby. Instead of focusing on foods and what you cannot eat, take the attention elsewhere. Teens love learning new activities that will help them overcome food addiction, like horseback riding, kayaking, surfing or canoeing. Girls might also enjoy various crafts like knitting, crocheting, beading and embroidery.

10. Get to a weight loss camp. Due to the strict schedules, teenage weight loss retreats offer structure and much adventure as you meet others looking to lose weight. The bonds of new friendship can form there too.

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