The Truth About Super Fat Burner Pills Side Effects!

Well, banning ephedra barely caused a stir in the weight loss industry. Deaths and serious side effects meant nothing to the pharma industry which quickly reorganized and invented – the Super fat Burner. There are miracle products flooding the market claiming that they can both burn your fat and suppress your appetite at the same time, and, if you call right now, you can also get a free pony. Alright, no pony.

So how is it that both legal and illegal fat burners are still crossing our borders, cashing in on the unsuspecting and leaving people with psychosis, heart attacks, strokes, liver and kidney damage and so on and so forth? It’s the internet. That thing that connects us to Wikipedia and allows us to shop online has been the gateway to Super Fat burner heaven. Don’t want risk of a seizure? Then you should avoid super fat burners.

Now, not all weight loss supplements are horrible. There are some, such as Alli, that the FDA has deemed safe for public use. It might leave you a bit more flatulent, but it’s mild and common side effects are normally more embarrassing than they are serious. However, even it has been associated with liver damage. If an FDA approved medication can cause liver damage, how exactly do you think that your body will react to the Super fat burners you just purchased from China?

There are products tailored to catch the eye of every buyer. There are fat burners for men for the bodybuilding Hulk Hogans among us, natural fat burners for those of us that forget that most medicines come from plants anyways. What people don’t realize is that the long term effects of these super fat burners can cause significant damage that just isn’t worth losing a few vanity pounds.

If you are substantially overweight, talk to your doctor about prescription appetite suppressants. That way, you can work with him or her to develop not only a medication regimen, but also a diet and exercise program that are critical in conjunction with any diet medication. If you aren’t overweight but just looking to fit back into a pair of jeans, then it’s best to boost your metabolism the only truly natural way, by increasing your physical activity.