Top 10 Appetite Suppressant Diet Pills Over The Counter

Appetite suppressant diet pills are becoming more known as time goes on. People like the ease of being able to go into their local drugstore and purchase over the counter without the hassle of going to see a doctor so they can get prescription appetite suppressants. Many herbal supplements can be purchased over the counter. While appetite suppressant diet pills are easily accessible because they are sold at local pharmacies, many weight loss seekers opt for prescriptions as they are sometimes more tried and true than over the counter.

Most fat blockers and thermogenic fat burners are available over the counter as are appetite suppressant natural diet pills. Here is a list of the top 10 appetite suppressant diet pills that can be effortlessly purchased:

1. Liporexall – clinically tested and proven to speed up weight loss, this 11 blend mix states that it “tricks” your brain into making your feel full.

2. Fenphedra – the only over the counter product on the market that touts weight loss with the banned ingredient fen phen.

3. Alli – a fat blocker that is seen as a replacer for hoodia.

4. Hydroxycut – with the informercials and advertisements, this is one of the appetite suppressant diet pills that has proven itself to be the most cutting edge in the country.

5. Duromine 30mg – helps to keep the weight off no matter how much weight you seek to lose.

6. Slim Weight Patch – a packet of nutrients that restrains hunger.

7. Proactol Plus – binds and obstructs fat from being digested into the body.

8. Hoodia – helps to keep the weight off no matter how much weight you seek to lose.

9. Apidexin – the apidexin vs. phentermine discussion begins and ends with this fat burner that was deemed the best of the best by weight loss seekers.

10. Decaslim – keeps the foot on the weight loss pedal while braking the fat.

Each of these appetite suppressant diet pills offers its own set of weight loss over the counter magic.