Top 10 Fat Burning Foods For Men Over 50

Top fat burning foods are whole foods with right proportions of macro and micro nutrients that will maintain a healthy hormonal balance. Fat burning foods for men should provide ample protein to grow muscle mass, which will boost the body’s fat burning capability.

Here are top 10 fat burning foods for men over 50:

1. Chicken – Protein burns more calories to get digested when compared to fat or carbs. White meats such as chicken are weight gaining foods as they help build lean muscle mass.

2. Walnuts – Contain heart healthy omega-3 fats that are shown to burn fat and maintain a healthy balance in the body. These mighty nuts are also a rich source of protein and B-vitamins.

3. Red pepper flakes – Heat producing spices are foods that speed up metabolism as they contain chemicals that are shown to increase body’s temperature and increase fat burning.

4. Oolong tea – A combination of caffeine and powerful anti-oxidants called catechins is shown to ramp up fat burning for a few hours after consuming the tea.

5.< Fish - Rich source of protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Sea food is stomach fat burning foods and hence should be included as a part of your healthy diet. 6. Garlic - Several studies showed that garlic is one of the fat burning foods for men as it boosts metabolism and reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body. 7. Lemons - Cleanse your liver with fat burning foods for men such as lemons, which are a rich source of vitamin C, a potent anti-oxidant that detoxifies liver (your main fat burning organ) and boosts metabolism. 8. Nori - Sea vegetables are weight loss foods. They contain iodine, which affects thyroid function and boosts metabolism. 9. Cinnamon - This is a spice that can increase insulin sensitivity and boost metabolism. It also regulates blood glucose levels and control fat deposition in the body. 10. Coconut oil - Recent studies are shedding light on the oil’s positive effects on thyroid function and fat burning.